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Water Rights

The firm has a strong water rights practice extending across eleven states, including both states that follow the doctrine of prior appropriation as well as those that follow the doctrine of riparian rights.  The goal of our practice is to preserve and strengthen our clients’ rights to both surface and ground water in conjunction with the sustainable use and development of their property while at the same time respecting the needs of other users as well as wildlife.   Specific activities include filing proof of beneficial use for ground and surface water, acquisition of new water rights, preservation of in-stream flows, transfer of rights between bodies of water, engagement with governmental agencies on permit filings and adjudications, monitoring and protection against negative impacts to water arising from oil, gas and other mineral development, exploration and implementation of existing and new technologies to harness and conserve water for domestic, ranching, agricultural, recreational, wildlife and renewable energy use, coordination with local counsel as well as hydrologic and other experts to assist on all litigation and administrative matters, and review of key legal developments at the local, state and federal levels impacting water rights issues.

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