We actively pursue talented and committed individuals.


Davis, Pickren, Seydel & Sneed, LLP believes a key to the long-term success of any law firm is to grow from within by establishing and maintaining a challenging, enjoyable and realistic summer clerkship program. To this end, we actively solicit and interview current 1L and 2L law students to join us on a partial or full summer basis to experience the excitement, challenges and interactions available to the firm’s first year associates.

The firm’s summer clerkship program exposes its participants to all areas of the firm’s practice by not assigning clerks to any one particular practice group; however, if any of our clerks show interest in any one area, we encourage such interest and try and provide the clerk as much experience as possible in that particular practice area. Regardless of the practice area, it is our goal to provide the clerks with an accurate portrayal of the regular practice of law at Davis, Pickren, Seydel & Sneed, LLP, and our clerks are encouraged to work hands-on with attorneys of all different experience levels, including both partners and associates.

In addition to the summer clerkship program for law students, the firm has also been successful in expanding its practice through lateral hires at all levels of experience. The firm actively seeks well-qualified, well-rounded individuals to be a part of the firm.

For further information on Davis, Pickren, Seydel & Sneed, LLP’s recruitment efforts, please contact Lydia Street (lstreet@dpsslegal.com).

Inquiries regarding our summer clerkship program may be directed to Lydia Street (lstreet@dpsslegal.com). Please note we are no longer accepting applicants for Summer 2021.

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