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Rutherford Seydel Serves as Keynote Speaker at University of Georgia’s Sustainability Day

Posted by DPSS Legal on 11.2.11

DPSS Partner Rutherford Seydel recently served as keynote speaker at the University of Georgia’s Sustainability Day, hosted by the Office of Sustainability and Go Green Alliance, and was featured in the university’s newspaper, The Red and Black. He currently serves as chair of UGA’s Odum School of Ecology IDEA board.

During his presentation, Seydel discussed photovoltaic solar-powered panels (PV panels) as an alternative to coal-fired steam boilers.

“I see all the time people have the bumper stickers that say, ‘Drill, Baby, Drill,’ but how about instead ‘Harness, Baby, Harness,’” Seydel said. “Then maybe we could say ‘Breathe, Baby, Breathe.’”

Read the full article at The Red and Black .

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